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5 hours ago

Texas Hog Bait

Little Black Out action from the Camp Brothers, this stuff is insane!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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21 hours ago

Jen End

Day 1 , come on piggies!
#Marrano Mafia
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2 days ago

Texas Hog Bait

We wrote a book; “ How to make pigs eat dirt”. It’s called Black Out, order your copy today. ... See MoreSee Less

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4 days ago

Texas Hog Bait

Texas Hog Bait is also at TP Outdoors in Monroe LA. ... See MoreSee Less

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5 days ago

Bryce Hargrave

Big thanks to Texas Hog Bait for the Sounder Syrup!!!
Time to go trap some pigs now and see what this stuff is made of
Check the Facebook page out for all your Trapping Needs
We sell and rent Hog traps
377 Trapping Systems or PM me
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Texas has the highest population of feral hogs in the United States. A truly dangerous and destructive species, the estimated 3 million wild pigs in Texas inflict over $500 million in annual damage. For this reason, the State of Texas actively encourages hog hunting with minimal restrictions. For more: Texas Parks & Wildlife Commission


Florida is second only to Texas with a relatively stable feral hog population of over half a million. The highest densities of wild hogs in Florida are in the large forested areas North and West of Lake Okeechobee where the conditions are favorable and public access is limited. For more: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission


Georgia not only has a wild pig population over a half million, but also produces some of the largest feral hogs on record. Remeber Hogzilla from 2014? The state’s hog hunting regulations are friendly while virtually non-existant while the population grows by 15-20 percent annually. For more: Georgia Wildlife Resources Divsion


Feral hogs wreak havoc on Arkansas agriculture to the tune of $30-50 million in annual damage to the state. By 2013, the problem forced the Arkansas General Assembly to pass Act 1104, which prohibits the possession, sale, and transport of live feral hogs, to mitigate population growth. For more: Arkansas Game & Fish Commission